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A Modern Face-Lift Remodel...

PHS Roofing's New Building Design Continues with a Bold Modern Take

Our mission was to unify and update this little house & storefront into two or three tenant spaces, with a focus on "freshening up" the south and west facades of this building.

Rendering showing our new face-lift redesign of their existing building

While this building is definitely one of the more unusual buildings we've had the opportunity to work on, as it used to be a house and a storefront/warehouse that felt disjointed, we noticed that both the house portion and the storefront portion have beautiful clean, modern lines. Our goal was to celebrate the modern lines in both parts of the building and tie them together through specific color and material placement.

A Face-lift for an unusual little building? We love tackling a project like that! Check out the Rendering above for a look at the project before it is built.

Check Out the Previous Posts for some previous renderings and before pictures, & Keep an eye out for updates to follow!

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